Newlyweds: 3 Ways To Avoid Fights While Moving In Together

Moving is stressful and a lot of work, but the payoff can result in a great new living situation, especially if you were just married. As newlyweds, do not let your honeymoon stage come to an end by arguing over different aspects of moving. By planning ahead and getting situated, you can make the moving process go as smoothly as possible. Moving companies provide all types of services to help ease the stress and keep things pain-free. The various services available can help with all aspects of the move while you celebrate your new life together as a married couple. Read through these services and decide together as a couple which ones are best for your needs.

Multiple Location Scheduling

If you're newlyweds, then your previous home may have actually been two separate homes. If this is the case, there is no need to hire two movers or do double the work yourself. You can schedule a move at multiple locations and for the actual hours you need.

For example, you can hire the moving trucks for the morning before work starts at one location and then for the second location when you're out of work. This will help prevent you and your spouse from taking any extra days off and still allow you to complete the move in multiple locations. The split packing service is easy to plan out and movers can ensure a moving truck has enough space for all the items. 

A moving truck can also be hired for a waiting service. If you're at one location, the moving truck can wait at your new home and hold the items on the truck until you're available. This makes it easy for you and your spouse to meet at the same time and plan out what needs to get unpacked and placed. Doing this together will help you make decisions and avoid arguments.

Storage Options

When moving two people into one house, there may be a lot of duplicate items you're dealing with. If this is the case, then the new home may not be large enough to accommodate everything. Before you start stuffing everything into the basement and closets, you have the option of renting a storage unit for your items. When the moving company picks up boxes and furniture, they can bring specific items to a storage unit.

Once placed in a storage unit, you and your spouse can retrieve them as needed, and if you decide they are not needed, then you can chose to throw them away, sell them, or give them away. Use various downsizing guides to decide what you really need.


Packing items can be very stressful on a couple. Everyone has their own way of packing and you do not want stress out or upset your new spouse. Once everything is planned out, you can hire a moving company for their packing service. By utilizing a packing service, you and your spouse do not have to analyze every item or waste time having discussions about things. The items can get packed and dealt with later. It's much easier to deal with things already placed in boxes rather than going through all the items individually. Things can remain boxed up if they are not needed.

Along with the packing, some moving companies offer an unpacking service. This can be done for little items like plates and mugs and big things like dining room furniture. By taking advantage of this service, you and your spouse can get used to the newlywed life much faster. This sometimes also includes the setup of electronics like televisions. It will feel great arriving at your new home and spending a comfy night on the couch with your spouse.

A moving company can offer you full estimates on these types of services and more. It is often based on the time and distance needed to complete the move.