Storing Your Photography Business Equipment for the Season? 4 Tips to Keep it in Top Condition

You love your photography business, and it has started to take off. However, you have other things to focus on this season, which means that it is time to pack it up. While you know that this is the right thing to do, you can't help but worry about your equipment over the next several months. Fortunately, you can use these packing tips to ensure that everything is just as you left it when you are ready to get your business up and running again.

Use the Right Boxes

Ideally, cameras and other electronic equipment should be packed in their original boxes. However, it is common for these to end up lost or tossed in the trash over time. If you no longer have your original boxes, then choose sturdy cardboard moving boxes that are slightly bigger than the equipment that you are packing. This way, you have enough room to add cushioning such as packing paper and foam pieces.

Keep Cords Together

When you are ready to open up your business, the last thing you need is to be wasting time trying to figure out which cords go to each piece of equipment. Take pictures of how the cords are set up with your computers and any other electronics. Once you disassemble your office, place the cords in plastic bags and tape them to the sides of the equipment that they go to. It is also helpful to label each bag just in case they get separated during the moving process.

Control the Temperature of the Storage Unit

Sensitive electronics and art should always be treated with extra care in the storage unit. Since many storage buildings are only ventilated, you need to look for heated self-storage units. This simply allows you to avoid having your sensitive equipment exposed to freezing temperatures, and it limits temperature fluctuations that contribute to mold and mildew growth.

Protect Backdrops and Framed Art

In addition to packing your electronics correctly, you also want to make sure that any screens, backdrops or framed artwork are preserved. Begin by wrapping these in plastic before placing them into the appropriate-sized boxes. If you have glass frames, then you will want to add extra padding around them to prevent breakage.

You will miss running your photography business over the next several months, but you also look forward to the day when you can open the storage unit doors and get it up and running again. By knowing how to choose the right unit and pack appropriately, you can enjoy knowing that your equipment will be ready for business when you are.