Pack Your Dishware With Clothes To Save On Your Next Move

Are you in the process of gathering packing materials for your upcoming move? You may have noticed specialty boxes designed specifically for dishware. While this may seem like a wise investment, the premium for these specialty boxes can be off putting. Here is how you can save money by packing your dishware with clothing:

Get The Correct Box

You need the right kind of box to pack your dishware with clothing. It is better to select a smaller box so that the weight remains light and the box is less likely to be dropped or thrown down to the ground. Don't feel like all your dishes need to go into a single box. Use multiple boxes when it is necessary.

Tape The Box

Give your box extra support so that it does not fall out from the bottom. Fold only two sides over and run a piece of tape across them. Then fold the opposite sides over and tape those shut as well. The additional layer of tape will give you some peace of mind that the box will remain sturdy.

Select Your Clothing

You should use clothing that will not easily wrinkle when used as packing material. Avoid using clothing that has decorative items on it that can scratch your dishware, such as buttons, beads, or sequins.

Cotton t-shirts are a good choice, and you should have plenty of them. Socks, leggings, work-out clothing, and scarves will work well tool. Set these items aside to use as your packing material.

Protect Your Dishware

Place a couple t-shirts along the bottom of your box to give the dishware a soft surface to rest on. Each plate can be placed inside a shirt of its own, which will act like bubble wrap or packing paper to protect both sides.

Glasses must be stuffed using smaller items to protect them from coming in contact with other items. You can even place a glass inside a large cotton sock, and then stuff the top of the sock into the glass.

Pack The Box

Plates can be stacked sideways as if they were records going into a box. Glassware should always be placed upright just as they normally rest in the cabinets. Any empty space in the box should be filled with clothes to prevent movement.

You'll be ready for your moving day with your dishware safely packed away. Your movers should have no problem getting the boxes to your new place without anything breaking. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.