Creating A Moving Day Checklist: What To Include

When it comes to moving, you want to be as organized as possible. This can help to keep things running smoothly, and it can also prevent you from forgetting something important. Creating a moving day checklist is one way to help you stay organized, even with all of the activity that will be happening in your home. Here are a few things to include on your moving day checklist.

Inspect The Home

Before you leave your old home for the last time, you'll want to inspect every room to make sure you didn't leave anything behind. Open up cabinets and doors, and check inside of closets as well. This is also your opportunity to take pictures of the current state of the home before you leave. This is particularly important for renters looking to get a security deposit back at some point in the future.

Disconnect Appliances

Even if your appliances are not going with you to your new home, it's a good idea to disconnect them. For gas stoves and dryers, have an expert come in to disconnect these items and shut off the gas lines safely. Having gas appliances disconnected can help to prevent potential gas leaks in between the time you leave and the new owners or tenants arrive.

Give Everyone A Job

You can absolutely add delegating work to your checklist. If you have children, or if you have family members helping you for the day, create a separate section on your checklist for the jobs they should be helping with. Children can sweep up the floors after each room has been emptied out, or they can be charged with caring for the family pets during the move. Have adults helping you keep an eye on the moving truck to prevent strangers from helping themselves to your items.

Set Up A Refreshment Station

Throughout the day, your movers and your helpers may need refreshments. Set up a refreshment station on the morning of the move. Add coffee, bottled water, and snacks to this area, and put shopping for the refreshment station on your moving to-do list. You can handle this task yourself, or you can dedicate it to a friend or relative.

Put all of these action items on your moving checklist, and add any other tasks that you feel are important on moving day. Some ideas might include returning the keys to your landlord, arranging for someone to transport your pets to your new home, or ordering pizza for a move-in dinner. Contact a mover, like Quick n Careful Movers, for more help.