Helping A Parent Transition To Assisted Living: Tips For The Move

If your parent is making the transition to assisted living, he or she will likely need help with packing, sorting, and moving. While you can assist with these tasks, moving services experienced in helping seniors can be a great benefit. Here are some of the many services you can take advantage of:

Packing And Sorting

Your parent may not be bringing all of the possessions in his or her home to the assisted living community, which means you may need help with sorting as well as packing. Your moving company can help your parent determine which items will go into storage and which ones will be taken to the assisted living center. Discuss this in advance with the movers so arrangements can be made to create two sets of boxes and labels for the home. It's a good idea to make sure that your parent is present during the packing process so he or she can be active in the decision-making process. If he or she gets tired easily, consider scheduling several shorter appointments for packing and sorting to make your parent feel a bit more comfortable.

Furniture Arrangement

Whether your parent chooses to furnish the assisted living apartment or the space is already partially furnished, the movers can help to arrange furnishings to suit his or her personal preferences. This can include moving the bed closer to the bedroom door or creating a wider path in the living room for enhanced mobility. If your parent uses a walker or wheelchair, take a walk through the apartment with him or her before the movers leave just to make sure that nothing needs to be moved or rearranged. The movers can quickly make any necessary adjustments.

Electronics Setup

Setting up computer modems, DVD players, and other electronics can be complicated, and having someone there to handle it for your parent can help to make the transition go smoothly. The movers can set up your mom or dad's computer, fax machine, and printer, and some movers will even handle mounting flat-screen televisions to walls. You'll want to arrange for this service in advance so the moving company dispatches the right personnel to take care of the electronics. Be sure to have the staff show your parent how to reset the modem and where to find the wi-fi passcode before leaving.

Ask your moving company about any other moving services it offers for seniors, and be sure that the movers have experience with navigating assisted living facilities before you hire them.